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Scottish Water - DOMS (Modules 1 - 12)

Distribution Operations & Maintenance Strategy Modules 1-12 for operatives in Scottish Water Restricted Area work. Times & Numbers can vary to suit.

Scottish Water DOMS Only (Distribution Operations & Maintenance Strategy) Modules 1 – 12

The Scottish Water Distribution Operations & Maintenance Strategy (DOMS) training course is a company scheme, created and owned by Scottish Water relevant for all everyone working on Scottish Water clean water sites. The scheme was first launched in 2004 / 2005 and sets up the minimum standards and competencies which must be followed by all who complete the course.

**The SW DOMS training can be delivered separately or in combination with National Water Hygiene training on the same day**.

Candidates who should attend

Scottish Water DOMS training and registration via EUSR is required for everyone who is working on, or adjacent to water distribution activities and assets known as ‘Restricted Operations’. This includes, but is not limited to all Scottish Water staff, operational personnel, contractors, consultants, alliance partners, framework suppliers and utility connection providers.

Course Aims

The Scottish Water DOMS scheme has been produced to ensure everyone follows a consistent approach across the Scottish Water Region to safeguard public health and the water quality supplied to customers. By taking this consistent and structured approach to the operation and maintenance of water distribution assets, problems affecting water quality such as discolouration, microbiological failures and issues with taste and odours will be avoided or reduced. The Scottish Water DOMS scheme builds upon the public health principles covered by the EUSR National Water Hygiene training scheme.

**The National Water Hygiene Scheme must be successfully completed prior to completing the Scottish Water DOMS training scheme**

Course Approach

A qualified trainer delivers the course. The training consists of 5 Learning Outcomes covering the different aspects of the distribution, operations, and maintenance of the water supply network and along with Scottish Water’s Hygiene Code of Practice.

On completion of the training, course candidates are required to sit a multiple-choice assessment. Upon successful completion of the assessment candidates will be registered on the Energy and Utility Skills Register where registrations are valid for 3 years from the date of training.

A Scottish Water DOMS Registration Card will subsequently be issued to candidates within timescales as detailed in our standard terms and conditions.

Course Duration

The Scottish Water DOMS (Distribution Operation and Maintenance Strategy) Modules 1- 12 training scheme is a ½ Day course, and can be delivered separately, or in combination with the National Water Hygiene over 1-day duration.

Course Pre-requisites

The Scottish Water DOMS training scheme is a classroom-based course, however, candidates must successfully complete National Water Hygiene course on the same day, or prior to attending the Scottish Water DOMS training. 

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