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One of the UK’s leading providers of specialist training and assessment to the water and utilities sector has this month announced it has inducted a record number of modern apprenticeships working for some of the UK’s largest and most recognised infrastructure service providers in the water and wastewater sector.

McCrae Training Limited – with headquarters in East Kilbride – has announced that in one month alone, the business inducted 24 modern apprenticeships working for some of the largest providers in the industry, including Morrison’s Utility Services.

On the back of what has already been a strong year for the training business, the record number of modern apprenticeships, secured with many of the industry’s leading companies, marks a further milestone for McCrae Training who earlier this year announced it had been shortlisted as a Finalist for the Water Industry Awards, 2021, Skills and Workforce Initiative of the Year.

The record number of new apprentices in a month, recognises the company’s industry leadership as high quality and trusted UK training provider offering Modern Apprenticeships in Water, Wastewater Networks, Treatment and Design. And, with a flexible programme that allows for training of both new and existing staff of all ages whilst working on the job, McCrae is expecting the same level of take up over the coming months as companies invest in their modern apprenticeship staff development programmes.

One of the companies to do this is Morrison’s Utility Services who has worked with McCrae Training to recruit seven water apprentices in advance of launching its Modern Apprenticeship Programme in June this year.

McCrae Training offers a wide range of modern apprenticeship courses from water distribution networks to designing water networks, wastewater networks, leak detection, water and wastewater treatment through to leakage detection and control.

Speaking about the company’s record number of apprenticeship placements, Scott McCrae, Managing Director of the specialist training provider said: “As a business we are very passionate about creating and supporting opportunities for individuals of all ages to be trained, developed and to secure employment in the water industry.

“Our commitment to driving and supporting a Modern Apprenticeship programme across the industry is testament to this and we will continue to promote and support these programmes by attracting new and existing talent as, collectively, the industry works to tackle skill shortages across this sector.”

McCrae Training Ltd has been supporting the development of Water and Utility Sector staff for over nine years and the business now supports Water and Waste Water Contractors and Consultants UK wide.

The business is the only provider in Scotland to offer Water Industry Modern Apprenticeships and Design of Water Networks qualifications and very recently announced the launch of our Water Industry Skills Academy. The Academy comprises a network of training and education providers, awarding bodies, skills agencies and funding providers committed to tackling skills shortages and promoting certified contractor status within the UK water sector.