WIRS (Water Industry Registration Scheme) Training Packages

As set out within the requirements document for WIRS, Lloyds Register has detailed the requirements for SLO’s (Self Lay Organisations) to achieve UCP (Utility Connection Provider) accredited status.

Specifically set out under section 4 of the requirements SLO operatives, supervisors and designers must meet a specified level of competency which includes and not limited to achievement of Level 1, 2 and 3 VQ’s (Vocational Qualifications).

  • Assistant Site Operative (Main & Service Laying) – Level 1 VQ Network Construction Operations (Water)
  • Experienced Site Operative (Main & Service Laying) – Level 2 VQ Network Construction Operations (Water)
  • Supervisor responsible for Operatives – Level 3 VQ Network Construction Operations (Water)
  • Designer producing water network designs – Level 3 VQ Designing Water Networks

McCrae Training, as a SQA accredited training provider, deliver WIRS training packages inclusive of SVQ’s, National Water Hygiene, SW DOMS, Utility SHEA (Water) and other related courses.  

Our team of experienced assessors and trainers deliver WIRS training packages via a combination of centre assessment sessions and on-site observations.  Our approach is to work with SLOs where on-site observations are aligned to actual programmes of main and service laying site works, therefore assessing operatives and supervisors with minimal disruption and loss of productivity.

SLO staff following a WIRS training package with McCrae Training will vary in duration dependant upon the frequency water mains and services are being installed, their prior experience and previous training and qualifications.

To obtain further information and a quotation on WIRS training packages please do not hesitate to contact us.

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