Water Industry Service Laying

Water Industry Service Laying

As an accredited SQA centre we offer WIRS (Water Industry Registration Scheme) training packages inclusive of water industry service-laying.

Candidates who should attend

Any person who is working towards a level 1 or level 2 SVQ in service-laying (Self-Lay or Distribution), and has no prior experience in water industry service-laying, candidates will be trained in the industry best practice principles for jointing, laying, bedding, reinstatement and ancillary fittings associated with self lay and final connection of new water services following commissioning of the new water main.

Course Aims

The course provides candidates with essential knowledge, understanding and awareness of jointing techniques, pipe bedding, and hygiene principles for installing water industry services, aligned to requirements of UK Water Undertakers Hygiene Codes of Practice.

Course Pre-requisites

National Water Hygiene, SW DOMS and Utility SHEA (Water).

Course Approach

A qualified trainer delivers the course following a structured programme where candidates will carry out practical application of water industry service –laying combined with assessment of their competence under examination conditions.

Course Duration

2 Days

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