Scottish Water DOMS

Scottish Water DOMS

The Scottish Water Distribution Operations Maintenance Strategy (DOMS) scheme is a company scheme owned and produced by Scottish Water for persons working on Scottish Water sites. The registration database is held and administered by Energy & Utility Skills as part of the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR).

Candidates who should attend

DOMS training and registration is required for all persons working on water distribution activities within the Scottish Water region. This includes, but is not limited to all Scottish Water and Scottish Water Solutions operational personnel, contractors, consultants, delivery partners, framework suppliers and self-lay organisations.

Course Aims

The DOMS scheme has been produced in order to ensure water company employees, contractors, supervisors, consultants, delivery partners, framework suppliers and self-lay organisations follow a consistent approach across the Scottish Water region to safeguard the water quality reaching customers. By taking this uniformed approach to the operation and maintenance of distribution assets problems affecting water quality such as discolouration, microbiological failures and issues with taste and odours will be reduced. The DOMS scheme builds upon the foundation formed by the EUSR National Water Hygiene scheme.

Course Pre-requisites

Successful Completion of National Water Hygiene Scheme.

Course Approach

A qualified trainer delivers the course. The training consists of 13 modules dealing with different aspects of the distribution, operations and maintenance of the water supply. A chart is available detailing which modules are required for certain roles and responsibilities. Registration is based on successful completion of a training course. Upon successful completion a cover note valid for 45 days, will be issued by the trainer and candidates will be registered on the EUSR database. Candidates will subsequently be issued with a Scottish Water DOMS card generally within 28 days. 

Scottish Water DOMS Cards are valid for 3 years.

The SW DOMS training can be delivered separately or in combination with National Water Hygiene training on the same day.

Course Duration

½ to 1 Day (Dependant upon the modules required). 

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