Network Construction Operations (Water) Servicelaying Distribution

Network Construction Operations (Water) Servicelaying Distribution

As a SQA accredited centre McCrae Training offers a full range of Water Industry SVQ’s (Scottish Vocational Qualifications).  NCO (Water) Servicelaying Distribution is aimed at individuals commencing a role in water network operations associated with service laying within live water distribution networks, whether employed by a Water Undertaker such as Scottish Water or Contractor.

Candidates who should attend

Any person working within a water network operations, involved or planning to be involved in distribution servicelaying activities.

Course Aims

The vocational qualification follows a structured programme where candidates must meet performance criteria as set out within NOS (National Occupational Standards).

Course Pre-requisites

National Water Hygiene and SW DOMS.

Course Approach

A qualified assessor delivers the VQ (Vocational Qualification) which is split into 10 mandatory units.  Candidates must complete a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates their knowledge, experience and competence against all associated units. 

Upon successful completion of the SVQ the candidate will be issued with an SQA Certificate in NCO (Water) Servicelaying Distribution.

SVQ Duration

Dependant upon an individual’s knowledge, experience and competence provided in their portfolio of evidence, and as assessed by our assessor’s and internal verifier’s.

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